July 19th, 2009

Non-Stop Hip-Hop Live: The Return of Lyrikal Buddah

written by preach jacobs
In the Columbia hip-hop scene at the turn of the new millennium, you would have been hard-pressed to find a more energetic and talented emcee than Lyrikal Buddah. A towering and imposing figure at around 6 feet and 10 inches, Buddah was an explosive performer, and his thundering delivery commanded respect, gaining him a slot on the Metro Mics Tour in 2001. The tour included several Columbia underground acts, including 7 Moonz, Beat Junction Project and Crowded Mics, and provided proof that Columbia clubs could invest in hip-hop for live performances.

Buddah, whose sound is influenced by the likes of The Roots, KRS-One and Boot Camp Click, has a sound that’s reminiscent of rap’s glory days — the days before auto-tune and tight jeans when rappers were given props based on their ability to move a crowd. read the rest from the free-times here.