October 7th, 2009

Snook da Rockstarr

Snook Da RockstarrSnook reigns from the dangerous streets of Newark, New Jersey . Also, known as the “Bricks” or “Brick City” as they would say from the people around his way, Snook was born and raised in a system in which it seemed like only the strong survived and the weak become their prey. Nevertheless, through all the trails and tribulations with growing up in a heavy drug infested area; with high crime rate it’s only a matter of time that you become a product of your own environment.

With that in mind however, Snook would graduate from high school and decide to head down south in where he enrolled at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina to purse a higher level of education. There Snook would major in Business Management and become well-liked among the entire student body.

Within a year Snook would decide sadly to leave Benedict College , a major dream for his mother and focus more profoundly on the path in which his heart was truly aligned in; which was to become a part of the hip hop/rap/entertainment industry. Being born and raised in the north and now calling the south his home brought both challenges and endless opportunities to become well-versed in both areas. Snook had no idea on what was about to happen but yet he was ready for the ride that would forever change his life.

Through hard work and endless hours spent in organizing a record label with college friends, Southern Dynasty would be formed and it was the springboard Snook badly needed to meet collab and showcase his talents to the hip hop world.

Snook would go on and complete his freshmen album “4.5.6 New Banker” where much production was done by Kevin “Khao” Cates (Grand Hustle/Intraprize Records) and Polow da Don (Zone 4 Ent.). Snook’s first single, “Meet at da Bar” was a hit in the Columbia and surrounding areas and it featured Sean Paul of the Atlanta group, YoungBloodz. This second single from this album featured Lil Mo and this track was titled, “Could it Be” and it too was a hit.

Snook received radio spins in several markets both locally and shows being packed Snook seemed to be breaking through the very fortified wall that didn’t allow unknown artist in. However, with the tragic lost of his father, Snook would become isolated and question himself on the very thing he loved so much and that was entertaining the people that loved his music.

With several months of time back and forth to New Jersey to be with his family in which his sister too became ill and Snook was able to redefine himself. His lyrics would become more meaningful and the way he worded his punch lines became more evident that the love he had for hip hop didn’t die in the pasting of his father but elevated him to another plateau in his music career.

Snook has been featured on a host of mix tapes from Dj Cleves “Drought Over”, Dj B-Lord “From a Minor to a Major” COMING SOON, several local artist mix tapes, Dj Ames (London), and Dj Michelin (Toronto) just to name a few. Snook has hosted and performed to open shows for Ciara, The Ying Yang Twins, Lil Wayne, Young Jezzy, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Trina, Crime Mobb, Lil Scrappy, Young Buck, Jody Breeze, Trey Songz, and The YoungBloodz just to name a few.

Snook has also hosted and performed at Benedict College ’s homecoming concert and step show and performed for Hot 103.9 Back to School concert that had over five thousand attendants. Snook’s new album will include tracks from T-Pain, Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, Scrilla, Princess (Crime Mobb), Mista Raja and Piazo. The new single that’s being push features Lil Boosie “Models” that is in the process of creating an EXPLOSION the music airwaves!!!

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