November 2nd, 2009

Trey Songz and DJ Drama at Club Rain, Florence, SC

Trey Songz and DJ  made an appearance in Florence, SC’s Club Rain. I know once you reach a certain level or status, things tend to change. When you were broke “so-to-speak” little things like “being on time” and “actually performing” were important. Just by judging the more fortunate, it appears those things seem to go out the door. I arrived at 12 am (as I was  to for my interviews with Drama and Trey)……tick, tock, tick, tock….Ok so now it’s 2 am…NO TREY, NO DRAMA!!! 2:30AM they arrive and of course had to immediately  the stage (hence, no interviews).However, I was priviledged to be allowed on stage with them both, and have occasional 1:1 conversation. Here is a snippet of the performance from Trey Songz….

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Now…..again….when you reach a certain level, I guess you don’t have to actually b/c as you saw…the CROWD sang more than he did…then he even said “SING LOUDER!” Are u kidding me? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, Trey Songz has a beautiful naturally beautiful voice. He sang acapella on numerous occasions and I was blown away by his voice. I just wish they had used instrumentals or maybe a show mix, so we could hear more of his voice and not the track…….

DJ Drama- One thing I can definitely say is…there was a HUGE difference when he came aboard. The crowd rushed to the stage (granted it could have had nothing to do with his DJing ability, but EVERYTHING with his celeb status) and got HYPED. He only had about a 15-20 min set, then he was DJing for Trey Songz…

I was disappointed to not have gotten my interviews but…that’s apart of the hustle. Get in where you fit in….I got in on stage……

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