August 10th, 2009

Hustle Boyz

Hustle BoyzReigning from Orangeburg, South Carolina, The Hustle Boyz are the new sound of the grind. Rapping since their early teens, Dot and Flames have seen the street life and converted their visions into their own music. From recording in the hallways to performing at talent shows in different markets, The Hustle Boyz have been labeled as one of the hardest grinding rap groups in SC.

Their new single, “Grindin” featuring  Def Jam recording artist Lil Ru, has already penetrated major markets, extending the group’s sound to a major level.

“We always had a grind to their lives, we come from the struggle meaning we never  had much so it is reflected in our music” – Flames.  The Hustle Boyz currently have a blazing new mixtape with DJ Dirty called “U See Me Now” which also features “Grindin” and R&B hit, “Chocolate Girl.”

“ South Carolina is one of the most slept on states as far as music, but with the success of Lil Ru, Lil Brod and Team Irac the Hustle boyz are the next “thing to talk about. We make good music, we make strong music, we make music to be remembered by”- Dot.

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