November 2nd, 2009

Charlamagne Fired From 100.3 The Beat, Philadelphia


UPDATE: So Charlamagne spoke out to XXL Magazine and gave the true story of what happened today…..why he was FIRED and his views on the Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z situation….

Read the truth HERE!

Still not sure what happened today other than Charlamagne got FIRED from 100.3 The Beat Philly. Speculations are saying that it was due to the interview with Beanie Sigel on last week….But who really knows…I’ve reached out to Charlamagne to get the full story…still waiting on his response…we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned. Until then..I wish Charlamagne the best. I know he will be missed in Philly.

SIDENOTE: To all my Twitter heads…that trending topic for Charlamagne is hilarious! My favorite one is “#cthagodgotfired now he’s doing a dis track with Lil Ru to talk about it” HEE-LARRY-US!

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